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  • Free 250 Doubloons World of Warships
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    250 Doubloons

  • Free 750 Doubloons World of Warships
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    750 Doubloons

  • Free 1250 Doubloons World of Warships
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    1250 Doubloons

  • Free 2500 Doubloons World of Warships
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    2500 Doubloons

  • Free Captain’s Crate World of Warships
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    Captain’s Crate

  • Free Admiral’s Asset World of Warships
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    Admiral’s Asset



rewards platform for gamers

  • About MillionPugs

    Woof Woof. MillionPugs is a rewards platform for gamers, however, it is not a classical cashback platform. We call ourselves - a pugsback platform! What we do is we offer epic in-game content for pugs™, you can earn for your daily shopping. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

    We work with brands that love gamers and are happy to pay a commission whenever you shop with them. We take a small cut and pass the rest on to you, in the form of pugs™. Everybody wins.

    Our founders and backers are heavy hitters in the gaming industry. They’re the people behind the success of Riot Games, Twitch, CCP Games, Wargaming, and many others. We are a bunch of gamers who wanted to do something nice for other gamers.

  • MillionPugs the easiest way to get Doubloons in WoW?

    The best part about our service is that you can earn pugs™ for what you already do on a regular basis. There are almost 1000 affiliated stores including the most popular brands, so you can easily collect points and get free WoW game content in an effortless way.

    For example:
    1) When you order pizza at Grubhub, you can earn up to 3500 pugs™ and exchange them for 750 Doubloons.

  • What can I spend Doubloons on?

    WoW Doubloons can be spent on:
    - Premium ships,
    - brand-new Skins,
    - consumables,
    - Premium account time, or
    - training ship commanders.

    Also, they can be exchanged for Credits, or used to convert XP earned with an Elite ship to Free XP.

  • What missions in World of Warships will give you Doubloons?

    Doubloons can be earned by:
    completing Daily Missions during special events or contests,
    completing tasks of some Campaigns,
    winning battles or increasing ranks in Ranked battles.

    Also, Doubloons can be containers content or you can find them in bundles.

  • Pugs™

    Pugs™ are our rewards points, you can spend to get in-game content. Shops send you pugs™ as a thank you for shopping.

    You earn pugs™ by shopping. Either use our page or browser extension when you shop online. You can also earn free pugs™ with our bonuses! Do it now by completing our Five Quick Steps to Earn Free pugs™!

  • How to get Arp ships?

    Arp ships can be purchased with Doubloons earned in the game or redeemed for points at MillionPugs.

    Another in-game option is completing 4 chains of Combat missions, which will grant you 5 Arp ships. You can do this by playing Tier V–X ships in Operations, Random Battles, or Co-op Battles.

  • How to get an aircraft carrier in World of Warships Legends?

    You can unlock aircraft carriers by accumulating XP on your Tier III battleships and, afterwards, unlocking Tier III carriers.

    If you want to advance to the higher Tier, you need to accumulate XP on your current Tier carriers.

  • How to purchase ships in the World of Warships?

    Premium ships and Tier X special ships can be purchased directly for Doubloons or Free XP via select bundles in the Premium shop or in the Armory.

    Apart from Premium ones, there are also Tech Tree ships. They can be purchased in exchange for Credits. Once you buy them, you will see them available in your Port then.

    Remember that you can research the next ship in the Tech Tree only after you have earned enough XP and researched the current ship along with all the necessary modules. You can look up the next available ship in the Equipment tab.


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