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  • Free 250 Doubloons World of Warships
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    250 Doubloons

  • Free 750 Doubloons World of Warships
    Sold out

    750 Doubloons

  • Free 1250 Doubloons World of Warships
    Sold out

    1250 Doubloons

  • Free 2500 Doubloons World of Warships
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    2500 Doubloons

  • Free Captain’s Crate World of Warships
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    Captain’s Crate

  • Free Admiral’s Asset World of Warships
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    Admiral’s Asset


How to get pugs?

step 01

visit a store

Next time you shop online, simply activate the MillionPugs™ browser extension.

step 02

make a purchase

Buy something from one of the 850+ brands on MillionPugs™ and they’ll send you pugs™.

step 03

get your pugs

Redeem your pugs™ and get juicy in-game content for your favorite games.

asked questions
MillionPugs the easiest way to get Doubloons in WoW?
The best part about our service is that you can earn pugs™ for what you already do on a regular basis. There are almost 1000 affiliated stores including the most popular brands, so you can easily collect points and get free WoW game content in an effortless way. For example: when you order pizza at Grubhub, you can earn up to 3500 pugs™ and exchange them for 750 Doubloons.
What can I spend Doubloons on?
WoW Doubloons can be spent on: premium ships, brand new skins, consumables, premium account time or training ship commanders. Also, they can be exchanged for Credits, or used to convert XP earned with an Elite ship to Free XP.
What missions in World of Warships will give you Doubloons?
Doubloons can be earned by: completing Daily Missions during special events or contests, completing tasks of some Campaigns,winning battles or increasing ranks in Ranked battles. Also, Doubloons can be containers content or you can find them in bundles.
How to get Arp ships?
Arp ships can be purchased with Doubloons earned in the game or redeemed for points at MillionPugs. Another in-game option is completing 4 chains of Combat missions, which will grant you 5 Arp ships. You can do this by playing Tier V–X ships in Operations, Random Battles, or Co-op Battles.
How to get an aircraft carrier in World of Warships Legends?
You can unlock aircraft carriers by accumulating XP on your Tier III battleships and, afterwards, unlocking Tier III carriers. If you want to advance to the higher Tier, you need to accumulate XP on your current Tier carriers.
How to purchase ships in the World of Warships?
Premium ships and Tier X special ships can be purchased directly for Doubloons or Free XP via select bundles in the Premium shop or in the Armory. Apart from Premium ones, there are also Tech Tree ships. They can be purchased in exchange for Credits. Once you buy them, you will see them available in your Port then. Remember that you can research the next ship in the Tech Tree only after you have earned enough XP and researched the current ship along with all the necessary modules. You can look up the next available ship in the Equipment tab.
How to earn pugs™?
You earn pugs™ by shopping. Use our browser extension when you shop online with 10,000+ brands, or browse shops on Million Pugs.
How to get game rewards with pugs™
Swap the pugs™ you collect for rewards from favorite games, directly on Login to browse rewards from each partnered game publisher, and either connect your game account to receive items directly in-game, or get promo-codes that can be copied and redeemed.

Bonus: Keep an eye out for drops that we’ll gift you in the extension as you complete quests or shop online.
I don’t see the game (or rewards) I want, what should I do?
We’re always expanding our roster of partnered games, so chances are we’ll have something for you soon. If there’s a specific game you’d like to spend your pugs™ on, don’t hesitate to let us know! Drop your suggestion in our Discord anytime - we’re happy to chat.
How much does it costs to use Million Pugs?
MillionPugs is free to use. There are no hidden charges, limited-trials, upgrades, premium plans, or other strings. We make money whenever you earn pugs - that’s the business model, plain and simple. Download the free browser extension, and start your tutorial to earn free in-game loot.
Do you collect or share data with any third parties?
No data is shared with third parties, and we only collect the minimal amount necessary for us to maintain your account (such as login details) and verify that a transaction has occurred.
How does MillionPugs earn money?
Similar to popular cashback programs, MillionPugs gets paid a percentage-commission for each pug™-awarding purchase you make. This means we earn when you earn.
What does your extension do?
Our extension ensures your account gets credited when you make a purchase with a partnered site. This means it checks if the site is on our list of 20,000+ partnered stores, checks the value of goods/services at checkout, does some quick-maffs, and figures out what your payout should be.
How secure is the service?
Any data you share with us, such as login data, is protected and properly hashed (using best practices such as pseudonymisation). All integration with games is done directly with the developers through their API, so there’s no funny business or 3rd-party tomfoolery.
What happens if I link my game accounts?
If you link your MillionPugs account with your game accounts, rewards that you redeem through MillionPugs will be sent directly to your in-game inventory. There is zero risk of account loss, and the integration is done directly with the game service through their API. We don’t store any game login data, and the API access only allows a one-way transferral of in-game loot.
Do you work directly with game devs?
Yes, we work directly with game developers so you can rest assured that rewards from MillionPugs are legit and safe to redeem.